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M1408-300Internal and external cylindrical grinder News source:    Release time:2019-12-18 10:45:39   
300 internal and external cylindrical grinder
1. This machine is mainly used for grinding cylindrical surfaces and conical surfaces of small shafts, round sleeves, needle valves, plungers, etc. Tooling method can be used with thimble, three-jaw chuck,
Spring chuck and special fixture are realized. Applicable to instrument, automobile, electromechanical, bearing, textile, ship, sewing machine, machinery and other industries.
Small parts
2. The longitudinal movement of the table of this machine tool is hydraulic and manual. Both the wheel and headstock can be turned. The hydraulic system uses a good performance
3.This machine is suitable for tools, machine repair workshops and workshops for small and medium batch production.
4. This machine is divided into 300 mm according to the needle pitch
Product parameters: