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Automatic chamfering machine

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product details
This machine is suitable for chamfering of diamond edges of various metals, such as: SKD11, S136, SKD61, Cr12MOV, D2, DC53, 50C, 45 #, A3, etc.
1. This machine has the function of manual or automatic feed, the feed speed is adjusted by the inverter, and the feed speed can be adjusted as required.
2. Chamfer angle: 45 degrees, chamfer angle can be customized. Chamfering range: 0-6mm.
3. The main cutter head rotates at 2800 rpm, which is strong and powerful. The cutter head is equipped with 10 blades.
4. Large workpieces suitable for batch processing, chamfering of molds, mold bases, sheet metal processing, and equipment manufacturing. The chamfering finish of the workpiece is good. It can be formed in one time without secondary grinding.
5. The cold cutting method of milling cutter can be used to avoid the influence of traditional flame cutting on the material.
6. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, time saving and high work efficiency. It is a good helper for metal molds, machining industries, and mold processing plants.
7. Widely used in mold, mold base, metal processing, steel structure, shipbuilding, power plant, petroleum, chemical and other production and processing industries.
Specifications Table size Automatic tool travel (mm) Main motor (KW) Tool motor (KW) Weight (KG)
length Width Thickness
1200 1200 500 20 900 2.2 (380V) 0.25 (220V) 400
1200 with disk 1200 500 20 900 2.2 (380V) 0.25 (220V) 560
1500 1500 600 30 1200 2.2 (380V) 0.25 (220V) 600
1500 with disk 1500 600 30 1200 2.2 (380V) 0.25 (220V) 780
2000 2000 800 30 1700 2.2 (380V) 0.25 (220V) 900